abandoned: The All-American Ruins Podcast

Hi, folks. I’m so excited to share my new project with you. Here’s the synopsis:

abandoned: The All-American Ruins Podcast is a bi-weekly episodic audio series. abandoned takes listeners through sonic fantasies, recreating host Blake Pfeil’s experiences exploring abandoned spaces across the United States. Along the way, abandoned asks critical questions about American history and culture, community, capitalism and economics, the environment, and mental health while encouraging folks to activate their imaginations as a tool for healing.

After I started this blog, so many people told me they wished they could go with me to visit some of these unique architectural time capsules.

I’d say, “Oh, but you can!”

And they’d respond, “Oh, no. I’m too scared.”

(Or, “If only we lived closer to each other.”)

That’s when it hit me: if I couldn’t take most of my friends with me on these expeditions, maybe I could bring the experiences to them instead. Maybe I could create something that really encourages people to use their imaginations. Maybe I could guide them through each of the ruins that have become mini-sanctuaries to me during a confusingly uncertain time.

And I’ve been a fan of radio broadcasting, ever since I was a kid.

Thus, the podcast adaptation of this blog was born.

You can listen to the trailer here.

If you like what you hear, I only ask a small favor: please subscribe so that when the first episode drops on Memorial Day of 2022, you’re ready to rock and roll with me. Either way, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing. On the contrary, it’s all the more reason to continue exploring, writing, and sharing. I am so grateful to everyone who has encouraged me to keep this work going, and I’m so excited to share news about other exciting updates soon.

You can subscribe to the podcast on:
🎧 Apple Podcasts
🎧 Spotify
🎧 Google Podcasts
🎧 Audible

and so many more places…

Big love x infinity,




Explore. Imagine. Repeat. 🚷 🏚 🚧

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All-American Ruins

All-American Ruins

Explore. Imagine. Repeat. 🚷 🏚 🚧

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